GOBO Canvas

GOBO Canvas

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Our concept idea can be found in the name. Back in the days a GOBO was a physical stencil with cut out patterns, used in front of windows to create different light effects. Canvas on the other hand, represents a blank painting that relates to the body color and structure.

The end result is an artistic product suitable for any interior design, by offering just the ideal combination of high quality LEDs, aesthetics, dynamic content and different pattern designs (.
GOBO Canvas is designed to be part of your interior, allowing to create symmetrical or a-symmetrical compositions, that can reshape the interior design in offices, stores, hotels and many other.

A stunning luminaire with built-in controller and power supply that can easily be integrated into other systems. Lightweight and in two specific sizes, the GOBO Canvas can be mounted against a wall or ceiling. Creating artistic combinations that will enhance any environment.

GOBO canvas offers easy and multiple control options, like our mobile application to different types of sensors. Making it possible to easily choose between the 10 integrated scenes over multiple GOBO canvasses, which were specifically created and adjusted to the pattern.

GeneralThickness (mm)82 mm
 Housing MaterialAluminium velvety frosted surface
ElectronicsPower Consumption (W)190.35 W/m²
 Power SupplyInternal
 Input Frequency50 ~ 60Hz
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature+5 ~ +40 °C
Warranty Warranty1 Year
Package Weight & DimensionsW x H x D (cm)59.50 x 59.50 x 8.20
 Weight (kg)5.50
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GOBO Canvas is InventDesign’s latest Plug & Play concept, designed and created as an interior lighting fixture. Inspired by the past, brought to life using the latest technologies in LED lighting and pixel control. Max. size is 2900mm x 1400mm.

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