Vondelgym Zuid

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Illumi Lighting & Illumi Electrical Works had already provided Vondelgym East with the right lighting advice. The desire of the founders was to fill the spaces with functional, calming light in which you like to work out next to atmospheric light sources that improve the branding. InventDesign supplied the LED lighting and architectural firm TANK took care of the interior of this gym. 


The goal for Vondelgym Zuid was also to translate the "Vondelgym feeling" into suitable lighting. Illumi Lighting & Illumi Electrical Works, TANK and InventDesign also worked together on this project. 


Illumi Lighting & Illumi Electrical Works has made special luminaire for the Vondelgym in the form of sports rings and more than 400 meter of LED lines have been installed throughout the building. 


InventDesign supplied Warm-White LED strips with 350 LEDs that work on 24V. Aluminium profiles with covers were also supplied. The supplied power supplys are the Meanwell PSU 24V 20A 480W (HLG-480H-24) and the Meanwell PSU 24V 3.4A 80W IP67 (HLG 80H-24).  


Photo credits Illumi Works