Travel Exhibition

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Random Studio realised the concept, design and final development for the Louis Vuitton, Travel exhibition 'Volez, Voguez, Voyagez' (Fly, Sail, Travel). This exhibition shows the adventure of Louis Vuitton's house from 1854 to the present day. The story is told by the founders of Louis Vuitton and the employees of today who are working on the Louis Vuitton of tomorrow. To welcome the guests in the different editions (Seoul, New York City and Shanghai), Random Studio has created several entrances. 


For the Shanghai exhibition, Random Studio created a space, between day and night, decorated with lanterns and neon light. Lanterns hung from the ceiling in different shapes and sizes. Each lantern was equipped with an LED panel with synchronized scrolling messages and images that welcome visitors. Above the lantern, an ever-changing digital 'skylight' has been placed. It is animated in such a way as to create moving clouds and glowing colours. 


In Seoul, Random Studio developed an LED wall on which an airplane could be seen. This airplane could be controlled by the visitors themselves by moving the person's own body.


In New York, a digital metro station was presented. The Metro itself got a true Louis Vuitton style. 


For Random Studio we supplied the materials to create the animated, moving and glowing coloured clouds in the 'skylight' in Shanghai. 


1,200 DiGi Module A6 RGBW were used for the ‘skylight’, in combination with three DiGidot C4 Live. The DiGidot C4 Live is a very powerful LED Controller that created the animated clouds. We used the stable IP65 600W LED Meanwell as the power supply.  



Louis Vuitton: VOLEZ, VOGUEZ, VOYAGEZ Exhibition Entrance Shanghai from Random Studio on Vimeo.


Travel Exhibition