Switch the Gym

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SWITCH is an innovative fitness concept that combines data, technology and personal guides for the best results. At SWITCH you get the most out of your gym class: fun, energy and, above all, results.

Commissioned by First Impression, InventDesign realised the interactive kinetic lighting for SWITCH for their gyms in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Veldhoven.

The combination of a great audio system and the DiGi LED Strip RGBW HR provides for a breathtaking gym experience. The DiGi LED Strip is neatly installed in our special aluminium profile 3535 with opal cover for optimum visual comfort. 

The smart and powerful DiGidot C4 Extended system precisely controls the DiGi LED strips. The DiGidot C4 is a small but powerful LED pixel controller.

The lighting itself is powered by 5 Meanwell DIN rail power supplies. Due to the DIN rail mounting, these power supplies are compact and efficient, which makes them ideal for installation cabinets.