At InventDesign we often work on both large and small special projects. That's why the portfolio of InventDesign covers a wide spectrum of industries. Get inspired by taking a look at our portfolio!



A steaming crowd, dancing to the beat of the music and surrounded in futuristic lights? LED blinders, digital LED strips or complete chandeliers of LED tubes make every crowd go wild! 


The ambiance of a room is determined by lighting. Whether you want a cosy and warm light or a simple and sleek look, we can do it all. LED us surprise you!


From hotel lobby to meeting room and from a hip bar to a luxury restaurant; they all come under the heading of horeca but all with a different lighting solution. A very broad industry where we provide amazing LED solutions. 


Did you know that the intent to purchase of a consumer can be influenced by using the right colour and colour temperature in your store? At InventDesign we like to help you to strengthen your store concept. Let those customers come in!   


Have you ever wondered how to stand out in a crowded exhibition hall? Stop wondering! Do so by adjusting good lighting in the right proportions and functional and stylish positions. Direct or indirect, integrated or freestanding, it's all possible!  


Both large and small theatre productions are in need of good decor lighting. It's possible to make the most beautiful creative lighting solutions for every decor with the use of LED. Let the show overwhelm your audience!


Every festival, amusement park, museum or TV show uses lighting to impress its visitors. Either young or old, your audience will be amazed by our creative LED lighting solutions! 


We help you steer peoples emotions by creating and manufacturing versatile LED lighting solutions. Whether it's an exciting new office, a landmark building, a restaurant - our smart, artistic LED lighting solutions, with its millions of colours and nuances, takes the audience experience to the max.


Of course there are many more industries and situations where InventDesign could provide beautiful LED solutions. Anything goes! That's why we grab every opportunity we can, to create something super attractive!