Night Vision, Amsterdam Light Festival

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'An ode to our windows on the world' is what Tom Biddulph and Barbara Ryan honour at the 7th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Their installation "Night Vision" is an icon, a symbol that transforms one of the many bridges over the Herengracht into a gigantic eye.

All spaces, objects and images first enter your eyes in the form of light. Through nerve- and sensory cells, this information reaches your brain, which then combines it into a presentation: your vision!


We live in an image culture. In the past, before the writing was invented, we communicated messages and stories by telling them or singing them. Information is exchanged much faster and easier via images. We are confronted with thousands of images per day. Now, not our ears but our eyes have a more important role when it comes to communication.


The in total 35 parts of the eye are custom made. We also made the custom-made frame to which the artwork is attached.