Musical swings with LED lighting

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Musical swings with LED lighting

at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ   

On September 26, 2019, WannaPlayground placed WannaSwings ( this are musical swings) with LED lighting near the music building in Amsterdam. This permanent installation of WannaSwing consists of eight swings with which music pieces can be played. Several composers (Joey Roukens, Rob Zuidam, Mayke Nas and Willem Jeths) wrote music for WannaSwing. The person who is swinging with the swings makes music.  


The aim of Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ and WannaPlayground is to offer visitors to the quay near the Muziekgebouw a special musical listening experience in a playful manner. 


As soon as one of the swings starts to move, music is heard from the speaker above the swing. Each swing plays its own instrument by swinging higher or lower. The result: a real swing orchestra.  


InventDesign has installed several Linear LED Wallwasher Extreme for WannaSwing.  Furthermore, this project used the Meanwell Din Rail PSU 24V and there is more than 60 meters of power cables laid to the installation cabinet.  


With the smart in-house development of the DiGidot C4 Extended controller, several "triggers" have been created. The DiGidot C4 is a smart LED pixel controller and ensures that you can control the LED lighting in the desired ways. It has been decided that the way of swinging on the swings influences the Linear LED Wallwasher Extreme.