Light art Bullewijk

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The award-winning artwork “Vespucci, wat ben je mooi” of artist Frederike Top has a new addition. Together with Amsterdam’s “City Poet” Gershwin Bonevacia, they wanted to connect two neighbourhood, Heesterveld (H-buurt) and a new residential area at the other end of the metro track. They did this by designing custom-made written LED letters on each side of the Bullewijk metro station.

Gershwin based the sentences on the input he gained from the local residents, just like the previous Vespucci artwork, in order to strengthen social coherence. The sentences are “Ik sta voor jou” and “We staan voor elkaar”, which can be interpreted as “I stand before you” and “We stand for each other”

The sentences are comprised of handwritten LED letters connected to each other. The way the artwork has been suspended, has a dual meaning, like welcoming visitors and as a message to the other neighbourhood. The letters are interchangeable, so they can create different sentences in the future.

Photography by: Tom Baas