Krachtcentrale Gym

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“De Krachtcentrale” (The Power Station) is an industrial building on the Havenstraat in Huizen. Besides of the restaurant, two artists, a goldsmith and a musician you will also find a boutique gym. According to the owners Henny Westland and Jephrey de Rooij, “De Krachtcentrale Gym” is not an average gym. Therefore, you will not find average lighting in this gym, but an interactive LED ceiling that can be set for the desired atmosphere, from beast mode to a relaxed workout.


For the LED ceiling, 54 DiGidot LED Strips, 90 Aluminum Profiles and 90 Profile Caps were used. The whole is powered by 12 Meanwell PSUs and controlled by the DiGidot C4 Extended. Thanks to the easy to use DiGidot C4 app, the trainers are able to control the ceiling with their phone.

The gym not only has spectacular LED lighting in the workout section, the LED also comes back in the changing rooms. For this the LED Strips Neutral White were used.