King Louie, Vintage designed clothing store

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King Louie is a vintage clothing store, founded by former students Ann Berlips and George Cramer. Interested in vintage clothing they rented a market stand in the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam to sell some of the clothes.

This was a huge success for both, causing them to open their first store, named Exota, in the beautiful neighbourhood ‘De Jordaan’ in Amsterdam. With the increased sale of their eye-catching ‘80s style, vintage clothing, not only did they open a few more stores in the Netherlands, but they also expanded their business abroad.

We’ve had it about King Louie ‘80s vintage clothing style. But what about the store’s design? Does it also give you that vintage ‘80s vibe?

The design of a shop must match the brand's clothing and accessories.
But does King Louie have that train of thought? Absolutely!

A store full of colorful vintage clothing and accessories, antique furniture, deep blue and minty green walls, authentic flowers and a wooden floor takes you right back to the ’80s 

The lighting, placed by InventDesign, gives an extra touch to the vintage designed clothing store. Therefore, everything stands out and adds that inviting feeling to the store.

Walking into the store you will notice the lighting against the wall. There The LED strip Warm White in a high aluminium profile is used, which is placed behind the clothes.

The same applies to the upper floor, also at floor level where the LED strip Warm White in high aluminium profile is used behind the clothes. There, a transition is formed between the floor and wall. Because of this technique, the clothing is in the spotlight.

At the top of the wall, the black low aluminium profile with the LED strip Warm White Meanwell 24V power supply is used.

The high aluminium profile with the LED strip Warm White Low Output 2700K and plastic profile cover with an opal lens cap is also used at another place of the store: on the ceiling, to replace skylight.

There are also different track spots placed on the ceiling for a beautiful and catchy design in the store. The lights don’t only give you that classic feeling, but they match with the vintage style in the store.

The ambience in the store is abloom by the way the lighting is placed and installed in the ’80s style vintage store, King Louie.