Infinity, Amsterdam

Posted By: Don van Emmerik In: Interior On: Hit: 1307

Former ING building "Infinity" next to the A10 in Amsterdam has been given a fantastic atmospheric illuminated cafeteria on the eighth floor.

This building has four awards to its name, and thanks to us it becomes even more beautiful on the inside.

To apply colour and atmosphere in a creative way, a Dynamic Light Surface has previously been used, hanging on the big wall. To cover this nicely, a coloured canvas with print has been applied. This canvas is approximately 8.5 by 4.8 meters and can also be seen from the A10.

Now there are custom-made glass balls with cables suspended from the ceiling to make the atmosphere even better. The cables are all at different lengths so that the balls hang in a curve. These cables are attached to U-profiles to seal the ceiling nicely.

The bulbs are connected to eight Meanwell HLG-240-24 power supplies and two DiGidot C4 Extendeds.

The LED’s inside the balls can be set in all colours and there are some nice effects so that during the Friday afternoon a nice party can be held!