Imaginarius, Portugal

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The collaboration with students resulted in a special kind of facade lighting, displayed at the biggest Portuguese street art festival.

Amsterdam, 1 June 2017 -  Since 2001, Imaginarius has been the biggest street art festival in Portugal. Every year for two days in May, the streets of Santa Maria de Feira are transformed into special compositions of both static and dynamic art projects. InventDesign was working, together with the Swedish Organization ‘Lights in Alingsås’ and a group of 9 student lighting designers, on a facade lighting solution for the town hall of this picturesque village. The installations were open to the public from 25th to 27th May.

Each year, the Swedish light festival ‘Lights in Alingsås’ collaborates in the Portuguese street art festival for which in their case, in contrast to other contributions, the focus lies on lighting. In the form of a workshop, Swedish and Portuguese student lighting designers work together to create an artistic light concept. This year the challenge was to transform the facade of the Santa Maria de Feira town hall.

InventDesign has supported the group of students in various ways. We did not only deliver LED lights, but we also helped in the creative thinking process by providing technical support as well as accompanying them during the programming of the concept. For this, 42 of the M-series pixel strips and 20 RGBW spots were used. The entire project was controlled by 16 DiGidot C4 control boxes and the pixel mapping was made using MADRIX software.

The collaboration between the students and the Amsterdam based creative LED company was very important.  Rogier Hengeveld, operational manager of InventDesign says: “It’s a win-win situation to come up with something beautiful together. We really enjoy getting to know the professionals of the future and introducing them to current techniques.”

InventDesign will again be one of the main partners during the 5-week event ‘Lights in Alingsås’, which will be held during the month of October in Sweden and can be compared to the Amsterdam Light Festival.