Holland Evenementen Groep

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Holland Events Group offers a beautiful event location in Zoelen where they offer unforgettable experiences. From early in the morning until late in the evening you can go there for group activities. From bachelor parties, teambuilding to theme parties almost anything is possible. 


For Holland Evenementen Groep, InventDesign took care of the entrance and the main hall; The Tube underground experience, the DJ Booth and the hall.   


In the roof of the entrance, 12 LED strips RGB 5m 24V High Res IP65 are installed in a high aluminium profile with a cover. In this project 4 Meanwell PSU 24V 25A 600W IP65 power supplies were used. Furthermore, the lighting is controlled by the LED controller DMX 3x5A - LT-851-5A. The LED dimmer Touch RGB DMX/RF - DX3 is placed so that the lighting can easily be controlled via the touch panel.


In the main hall, DiGi M-Series PixelStrips of different sizes are installed in a grid that play a spectacular show that is an addition to the activity. Everything is controlled with the small but powerful LED controller, the DiGidot C4 Live and MADRIX.  


In the corridor, the DiGi M-Series PixelStrips is installed. These LED strips are dimmable and can dim up to 0%.


In the main hall is also the DJ Booth here is the DiGi M-Series PixelStrips used. Also the DiGi Original dots are installed. In combination with the MADRIX control software it is possible to generate numerous color effects, patterns and other visual content.