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Situated in a former munitions factory, Het HEM is a new home for contemporary culture.

Together with today’s visionaries, Het HEM develops multidisciplinary art programmes that shed new light on the world around us. Central to this is a playful and open approach in both creating and experiencing art. In addition to exhibition space, Het HEM has a living room with a library, a café restaurant with a library and a terrace on the waterfront, and a hi-fi music bar. On top of that, Het HEM houses Restaurant Europa.

On behalf of Michiel Knoop, And Beyond, InventDesign made several fixtures. Different LED strips have been used per infill, the LED Strip High Output 2700K are placed in a black aluminium profile with a cover in the shape of a square hanging from the ceiling. Each square is no less than 4 by 4 meters and each is DMX controllable. This has been chosen because it offers space for fashion shows and other events and with this solution every event is unique. Considering the size of the 8 shuttle spots, special custom made 35mm profiles with recesses have been made for easy shuttling. 

This same profile is used for the Entrance and the bar. Above the bar there is a seven meters black 35mm profile with a super bright 2700K LED strip of five meters. The entrance is provided with the same LED strip. Again it is neatly finished with a profile hood and end cap black. 

For the fixture above the table, 30 meters LED Neon Flex SingleColor Top view 2700K is used. Because of the oval shape, Neon Flex has been specially chosen here. Neon Flex can bend nicely with the fixture. A total of 30 metres of Neon Flex has been used in the same colour temperature as the rest of the LED.

Het HEM also has a 'library', for which we have installed 63 LED profiles, all custom-made, in a special bookcase. For this we chose an extra warm white LED that is nicely dimmable to create a homely atmosphere. The LED strip is dimmable. 

The greenhouse is also equipped with lighting. Here are 14 profiles of 50 centimetres processed with a Low Output 2700K LED strip. 

All LEDs at Het HEM are powered by Meanwell HLG power supplies.