elevator shaft Corendon Village Hotel

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The new elevator shaft for the Corendon Village Hotel has already been finalized. The elevator is equipped with an interactive element. When you press the red button, the show starts. The show has been developed by Showdesign. The show gives the impression that you are flying with a Boeing 747 to the final destination. In this case that is the Skybar 747.

To bring the whole experience to life, we chose to install eight LED profiles in the elevator shaft. The lighting will move along the first three floors, after which the Boeing 747 will be visible to the visitor. Just like in the A’DAM tower, the lift ceiling is spectacular again. The ceiling has cove lighting. Thanks to the open design of the elevator, everyone in the lobby can enjoy the show.

The elevator is equipped with 90 meters Digi LED RGBW and the power is provided by five Meanwell PSUs and is controlled by 1 DiGidot C4 Extended.

 Corendon Village Hotel

Corendon Village Hotel