Elevator A'DAM lOOKOUT

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InventDesign collaborated on the technical design and implementation of the elevator in the recently opened A'DAM tower in Amsterdam. Visitors of the tower experience the elevator ride of their lives. By applying LED lighting, proper programming and an extra-fast elevator, the elevator ride feels like a true rocket launch.

LED lines in the elevator shaft
InventDesign built the LED installation for this very special elevator concept. To enjoy the stunning view over the city of Amsterdam visitors take the elevator to come to the observation deck. The glass elevator moves at top speed and passes by the 42 horizontal LED lines in the elevator shaft. By finishing the aluminium LED profiles with a semi-frosted cap, the lines have a neat but industrial look and can easily be viewed from the elevator.

LED screen in the ceiling
To complete the experience, InventDesign installed a customized LED screen in the ceiling of the elevator shaft. The screen is made of transparent plastic, and therefore disappears at the concrete elevator shaft. As a result, the main focus is on the LEDs.

Programming and power supplies
To power the whole installation, InventDesign built and installed two power supply boxes, one at the top for the upper 21 LED lines and one at the bottom for the lower 21 LED lines. The power supplies for the LED screen on the ceiling are installed in a separate system cabinet outside the shaft, so that the external power supplies are easily accessible for maintenance. Every time the lift is used, the elevator software automatically triggers the start of the light show.

For this design InventDesign worked with several parties. The design was made by Northern Light, the programming was done by Rapenburg Plaza, the elevator was built by Kone and the technical development and installation were completed by InventDesign.