Ecco Store, Amsterdam

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InventDesign has delivered and installed the dynamic lighting of the Ecco pilot store in Amsterdam. With this creative LED lighting, InventDesign was able to create a unique and interesting retail environment that can influence consumer purchase intent in a positive manner. With our RGB LED Strip DigiDot 5V, which has a pixel pitch of 38mm, is processed in a black powder 45 degrees customised aluminum profile, it is possible to highlight Ecco shoes in the most desirable way.

In order to control the installation, we used DigiDot C4 Live controllers, which are connected by means of Ethernet. The store is divided into six wall portions, each provided with an installation box with a power supply and controller. By means of the Ethernet cable that connects the controllers with each other, the programming is readily displayed on all wall parts. Because each part has its own DigiDot C4 controller, separate wall section programming can always be created with the MADRIX software.

 As proven once again, we delivered a specific and special lighting solution that is versatile and tailored specifically to meet our customer's requirements.