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Eindhoven is known for its technical facilities but is also specialized in modern art. There, in the smartest region of the Netherlands, is DomusDela. The historical-cultural heritage of Eindhoven.

DomusDela is a place for gatherings, celebrations and where happiness and sorrow stand side by side. You can also spend the night in their luxury boutique hotel Mariënhage.


The historic DomusDela building is equipped with contemporary technology and design, says Dela’s managing director Edzo Doeve. There are seven buildings where meetings and other events take place.


In the chapel, Ampco Flashlight has suspended multiple circle constructions from the ceiling. In these circles, they have used our RGBW LED strips. In total, almost 100 meters of LED strip has been installed in black profiles with opal covers. The 100 meters is divided over 3 circles. Of which the top, as well as the bottom is provided with LED lighting. This way, both the ceiling and the hall itself can be illuminated. Each circle is controlled by 2 Ltech LED controllers DMX 4x5A and powered by 2 Meanwell power suppliers of 24V 480W.  


Due to the tight deadline, we not only delivered the LED strips and accessories but also assisted with the installation. InventDesign is a "one-stop-shop" where you can go to for the products, assembly or full-service projects with installation and programming.

Designed by Marnix Kulling.