Crowne Plaza Hotel in Macau

Posted By: Joost Meijer In: Architectural On: Hit: 913

InventDesign has given a spectacular makeover to the beautiful Crowne Plaza Hotel in Macau.

With our product the DiGidot V-Series PixelStrip, we created a brilliant first impression of the hotel. To us the task to deliver the whole in white, we have also provided a white housing and opal hood.

At arrival the LED lighting is the first thing you notice, to ensure a warm welcome we have used warm white LED lighting. The DiGidot C4 controller also makes it possible to control each LED individually.

Each profile contains 64 pixels of 1 RGB 3in1 LEDs per pixel each with which you can make the most beautiful effects. The LED diodes are placed in a lightweight aluminum profile that provides cooling and ensures that they are easy to assemble. The product is robust enough for rental use but also very suitable as a fixed installation as has been done for the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Macau.


After                                                              Before