Boutique gym, Camden Town

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InventDesign, in collaboration with Communitec and Movin London, has created a so-called "boutique gym" with beautiful LED strips that can also be used as mood lighting.

A boutique gym is a small gym where many personal training sessions are given and the rooms are often decorated attractively. The lighting plays an important role in this.

Apart from the fact that the room looks much cooler than the average gym, the lighting can also be adjusted with the help of the DiGidot C4 controllers. For a quiet workout, the lighting can stay white continuously. If you want to blow off some steam on the boxing balls, a fiery red colour can be set. And for the real enthusiasts you can also give the lighting colour changes or blinking effects. These effects blend beautifully thanks to the pixel-controlled LED strips.

For the lighting in the gym itself, DiGi LED strips RGBW in combination with black aluminum profiles and black transparent profile caps were chosen. When the lighting is off, it is almost impossible to see the profiles in a dark room.

The changing rooms are much lighter. We used LED Strips in Natural White in combination with aluminum profiles and opal caps. This lighting is dimmable thanks to 4 LED Triac drivers.

To complete the lighting, various dimmable LED downlights have been installed in the gym and changing rooms so that you can still see what you are doing.