Backdrop Finder Darts Masters

Posted By: Joost Meijer In: Entertainment On: Hit: 350

Already three years ago, InventDesign started working with (Bart Ontwerpstudio) for Finder Darts Masters 2015 to create a unique dartboard.

Bart Ontwerpstudio created a flat globe for the decor but with the looks as if the globe was round. Behind the globe a large canvas was stretched on which the universe was depicted. This gave it a large and futuristic look. The demand for a new decor came from the international company Finder, which in 2015 became the main sponsor of the dart tournament. Finder has the slogan 'Switch to the future!'. The combination of the canvas, the globe and LED was a spectacular addition to this. 

To make the whole picture complete, we have placed multicolor LED strips around the edges, creating a spectacular 3D image. With the multicolor LED strips we brought the universe and the globe to life, the different colors changed the background.