Remote control

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The remote control offers the user the comfort to control the LED lighting from a distance. We use two different types:

- Infrared remote control
- Radio frequency remote control

The infrared remote is the simple version. Infrared beams are invisible to the human eye and also work in special fotographic emulsions. The infrared beams are provided in a straight line and hardly reflect on anything in the way. Therefore it's important to aim the remote directly to the reciever connected to the plug of the LED lighting.

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The radio frequency remote is new more advanced version. Redio frequency uses radio waves. It's a technology to save and read information from a distance from the so called RFID-"tags", which are present on or in objects or living beings. A big advantage in using the radio frequency remote, is that you don't have to aim directly to the reciever. You can adjust the color of the LED lighting from every location in the room, sometimes even from another room.

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There is one other possible option. You choose to buy a click-on/click-off system available in almost every This is a switch or small remote that comes with a reciever which you'd have to plug-in behind the outlet. If you connect the LEDs to this outlet along with the earlier mentioned controller, then you can turn the power on and off by using the remote. Know that this doesn't contain a dimming function. If you'd like to dim the LEDs, then you would have to use the controller. When you're planning to rebuilt and new electra will be placed, it's useful to add extra switches for the LEDs next to the original ones.

InventDesign is constantly looking for innovation and improvement. As soon as a new and improved version of the remote control appears on the market, we will add it to our range of products.

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