LED Lighting

Our wide range of LED Lighting offer a solution for every application. You're at the right place for LED strips, Linears & Floodlights, Pixel Modules, Ingrounds, downlights, NeonFlex and more.

With our DiGi products there are countless and unique ways to realize pixel-controlled lighting projects. The various DiGi products such as pixel modules, Pixelliners and DiGi strips can be combined in any way you would like. This in combination with our control systems it is possible to create a wide array of visual and video effects over these pixel-based LED products. Our own DiGidot C4 controller opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities.

If you have any questions regarding our products, or do you need a customized solution? Please feel free to contact us and we would love to assist you.

LED Controllers

Our LED controllers have been carefully selected to be able to offer a suitable solution for every possible LED project. We supply DMX controllers, designed for the hospitality industry and the event world, and basic controllers that are well applicable in the smaller catering industry and for stand-alone objects. We also have various LED dimmers and RGB controllers with remote control that are used in retail and interior design.


The DiGidot C4 is a small powerful LED controller, that suits all kinds of situations. One DiGidot C4 drives more than 6000 single LEDs. Furthermore, it supports 40+ IC types and various industry standards. This is all you need in LED and show control!


MADRIX is a new experience in light control. MADRIX software contains the latest technology for optimal user-friendliness. MADRIX software trumps almost every control currently on the market and can be fully synchronized with DMX-IN. Years of development have resulted in a powerful LED control with a gigantic capacity of up to 131,072 DMX channels.

LED Video Screens

Nowadays everything is ‘content’. In shops and malls the walls and ceilings serve as brilliant displays. In airports, stations and offices LED screens indicate, show and inform. That is why Invent Design recently created a new Business Unit for LED video screens. 

We can deliver LED screens in any size. Helping you to create any artistic or particular screen lay out. In presentation rooms, pavilions, staircases, show rooms, entrance halls… just everywhere.

LED Cable

In our years of experience with LED projects, we've developed a special LED cable line that offers a range of cables meant for; White, RGB(W), Digital and DMX LED solutions.

LED Power Supplies

Our wide range of LED power supplies contains a solution for all 5V, 12V and 24V LED lighting. All power supplies have been extensively tested for use in combination with LED lighting.

Aluminium Profiles

Our Aluminum Profiles are perfect for LED lighting. The profiles and profile caps are of high quality. You can choose from high and low profiles. In addition to the profiles, we also have matching frosted glass (opal glass) or transparent profile caps. All profiles and accessories can be customised on request.