Madrix is een nieuwe beleving op het gebied van licht besturing. De Madrix software bevat de laatste technologie voor optimale gebruikersvriendelijkheid. Madrix software tipt vrijwel boven iedere sturing die op dit moment op de markt is en kan volledig gesynchroniseerd worden door middel van de DMX-IN. De jaren lange ontwikkeling heeft geleid tot een krachtige LED sturing met een gigantische capaciteit tot 131.072 DMX kanalen.

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The MADRIX Neo is a powerful yet easy to use DMX512 USB interface. The DMX512 interface will be delivered with a MADRIX software license for 512 DMX channels. Download the software free of charge, plug the MADRIX Neo into the USB drive and get started. This means you do not need a key.madrix workshop


Upgrade van MADRIX Start naar MADRIX Entry. Van 1 x 512 DMX kanalen, naar 4 x 512 DMX kanalen.madrix workshop


MADRIX is the powerful yet simple LED lighting control system. It is a feature-rich and intuitive Windows software. The application is both an effect generator and media server with outstanding capabilities to display unique real-time effects on your LEDs. Endless stunning and fully customizable visuals are created live for you using pixel mapping (2D),...


Upgrade MADRIX Entry to MADRIX Basic. From 4 x 512 DMX channels, to 16 x 512 DMX channels.madrix workshop


The very versatile MADRIX Plexus can control a stand-alone of live-controller 1024 DMX channels via DMX512 or Art-Net. It is the first and only interface that makes it possible to play lightshows and effects from a stand-alone MADRIX.madrix workshop


Upgrade MADRIX Basic to MADRIX Professional. From 1 x 512 DMX channels, to 16 x 512 DMX channels and DVI.madrix workshop


The MADRIX Luna is a reliable and easy-to-use 8 DMX Universe Art-Net node or DMX512 USB interface. Connectivity: - 4/8/16x DMX-OUT - 1x DMX-IN - 1x RJ45 Ethernet port - 1x USB port - 1x Power socketmadrix workshop


Upgrade from MADRIX Professional to MADRIX Ultimate. From 64 x 512 DMX channels, to 256 x 512 DMX channels and DVI.madrix workshop


Art-Net node / USB 2.0 DMX512 interface, 2x 512 DMX channels IN/OUT madrix workshop


Advanced SPI converter / Art-Net node / USB 2.0 interface, 8x 512 DMX channels OUT madrix workshop


MADRIX ORION adds a whole new level of interaction and control to your project. The MADRIX ORION is specifically designed as a general-purpose input device for analog input and Ethernet-based output for remote control and interactivity.


A professional MADRIX Server computer, made for intensive usage and top performance! 19" rack mountable and comes standard with a keyboard & mouse. A separately bought Madrix key can be build inside the server to prevent theft.MADRIX WORKSHOP

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