Functional lighting 

Functional lighting

Functional lighting


Social Distancing Solutions
Our LED spots project the desired social distance in light circles on the ground. 
Apart from this we have traffic light bars that show which walking routes are open or closed.
Using these two light solutions we make social distancing a lot easier. These applications can be used in shops and gyms, in waiting rooms and aisles. Not to mention cash desks, check in counters and ticket booths.
In short, our solutions helps where a lot of people come together in a spaces or buildings. 
LED Downlights

Our range of recessed downlights is available in fixed and adjustable options. With multiple outputs, diameter sizes, optics and colors there is a suitable solution for every application. 

Linear Lighting

Pendant or surface mounted linear lighting solutions - mostly used in office environments or applications in which there are strict needs for workplace lighting - are an essential part of functional lighting.

InventDesign offers a range of pendant luminaires which meet all requirements for workspace lighting.

LED Cabinet Light

LED Cabinet Lights are ideal for museums, showcases and retail environments. With our cabinet lights you can easily light small and specific objects. The lighting does not emit heat or UV radiation, because of that they are not harmful to delicate and sensitive objects.


This powerful single color LED Washer is available in Neutral White (4000-4500K). It has an easy mount shackle.

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