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The very versatile MADRIX Plexus can control a stand-alone of live-controller 1024 DMX channels via DMX512 or Art-Net. It is the first and only interface that makes it possible to play lightshows and effects from a stand-alone MADRIX.madrix workshop


The MADRIX Luna is a reliable and easy-to-use 8 DMX Universe Art-Net node or DMX512 USB interface. Connectivity: - 4/8/16x DMX-OUT - 1x DMX-IN - 1x RJ45 Ethernet port - 1x USB port - 1x Power socketmadrix workshop


The MADRIX STELLA is a dedicated control interface for DMX512 and Art-Net or Streaming ACN that is designed for high quality and practicability in permanent LED installations.


Advanced SPI converter / Art-Net node / USB 2.0 interface, 8x 512 DMX channels OUT madrix workshop


MADRIX ORION adds a whole new level of interaction and control to your project. The MADRIX ORION is specifically designed as a general-purpose input device for analog input and Ethernet-based output for remote control and interactivity.


A professional MADRIX Server computer, made for intensive usage and top performance! 19" rack mountable and comes standard with a keyboard & mouse. A separately bought Madrix key can be build inside the server to prevent theft.MADRIX WORKSHOP


MADRIX USB ONE is a USB 2.0 DMX512 interface. It can be used for input [DMX-IN] or output [DMX-OUT]. The MADRIX USB ONE allows you to control 512 DMX channels in combination with the MADRIX 5 Software.


This input device allows you to effortlessly use SMPTE time code for time synchronization across multiple devices. Data is received via the 3-pin, female XLR connector. The device can simply be connected to any USB 2.0 port.


This light sensor makes it easier to develop interactive LED installations. The intensity of the LED lighting can be easily determined by the ambient light, but also other parameters can thus be influenced!


Besides the introduction of the Luna and MADRIX 3.0, two USB sensor interfaces are also added to the MADRIX range! This makes it easier to develop interactive LED installations. With the MADRIX Contact closure it is easy to send a trigger to the software to start for example an effect.


These mounting brackets can be used to mount the MADRIX Plexus.

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