CV Power Repeaters 

CV Power Repeaters

CV Power Repeaters

CV Power Repeaters


A powerful single channel PWM Power repeater. Suitable for 5 to 24 Volt LED products.


This Power Repeater has three outputs of 8A each and can be used for 12V and 24V LED strips.


Constant voltage RGB LED products have 4 wires, R, G, B and a common + (plus). There are manufacturers that use another standard, R, G, B and a common - (min). To be able to use these product anyway InventDesign has developed this converter that transforms the signal from RGB+ to RGB-, or, common anode to common cathode. This converter also acts as a...


4 channel power repeater. Perfect for RGBW LED.


This IP67 protected Power Repeater, when combined with a power supply, allows you to amplify and connect LED strips in longer lengths. This repeater can be charged with 3x3A.


This DIN Rail LED Power Repeater has three outputs of 5A. The output signal is PWM CV. This product is easy to install on a DIN rail.


This Power Repeater Wireless Transmitter allows you to amplify the LED signal wireless. In combination with a PSU the LED strip can be further extended. The transmitter can send 3xPWM.

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