LED Controllers 

LED Controllers

LED Controllers

Ons assortiment LED controllers is met zorg samengesteld om voor elk mogelijk LED project een passende oplossing te kunnen bieden. Wij leveren DMX controllers, ontworpen voor de horeca en de evenementenwereld en basis controllers die goed toepasbaar zijn in de kleinere horeca en voor stand-alone objecten. Daarnaast hebben wij verschillende LED dimmers en RGB controllers met afstandsbediening die gebruikt worden in de retail- en interieur design.


DMX512/RDM Series

DMX512 Master controller is the output signal of international standard DMX512/1990. It not only can control all the LED lights that receiving the standard DMX signal in the market, but also can work with our DMX decoder to control the general LED lights without DMX512.

DMX Decoder adopted the advanced micro-electronic control technology to convert universal DMX512/1990 digital signal to CC/CV PWM signal to drive LED, which controlled by DMX512 console, realize 0-100% brightness or various changing effect. And can control single color, dupi-color, RGB, RGBY, RGBW, RGBA LED lights.

DALI Series

DALI is the young generation lighting control protocol in the realm of lighting control at present, Which adopt Manchester encoding transmission, With overall, grouping dimming, addressing dimming, various scene mode set, brightness traced, etc. powerful dimming function. Modern top grade hotel, shopping mall, household increasingly request high standard to lighting system. DALI protocol bus-mastering with simple, reliable, superior function etc. features, are used widely, showing the powerful advantage in the realm of intelligent lighting control.

DALI bus-mastering protocol is the intelligent lighting master match using with the dimmable ballast before , used to adjust the lighting scenarios of the fluorescent. DALI LED dimmer launched by LTECH which following the IEC62386/IEC60929 standard, can connect any equipment that accord with DALI protocol to 1 DALI bus-mastering ,which realize the LED lighting products and traditional lighting integrated in the same lighting system , greatly facilitate the users.

0/1-10V Series

Along with the rise of LED illumination, LED lamps are widely used in hotel, business center, household decoration etc. there are more and more chances to use LED and fluorescent lights at the same project, if LED lamps and fluorescent lights can be controlled together by a traditional fluorescent dimming system, it will make everything more convenient, but the dimming principles of LED and traditional fluorescent lights are different, LED lights can not be dimmed by the fluorescent dimming controller directly.

As a fact of that, our company developed a new 0-10V, 1-10V to PWM dimming driver which has solved the compatible problem of fluorescent dimming system. and LED illumination, LED lamps can be controlled by many traditional intelligent dimming system.

NOTE:The CV Dimming Drive and CC Dimming Drive can be connected together on the same dimming system, which is convenient for controlling different LED lamps with different voltage and power.

Triac Series

The Triac Series offer the following possibilities:

- Full-digital circuit design, more outstanding performance and life
- PWM digital dimming, do not change the LED color rendering index
- Stepless dimming,really no flicker.
- 60000: 1 depth dimming, 0-100% full range of dimming, LED starts dimming from 0.1%.
- Wide voltage range + 8 current choices, can match lamps at different power.
- Short circuit / Over-heat / Over load / Non-load protection
- Multiple current, wide voltage, compatible with a variety of LED lights.
- Support Triac, Push Dim.
- Dimming range: 0~100%, LED start at 0.1% possible.

Power Amplifier

LED power amplifier is suitable for all of our single color & RGB controllers to expand power output, it supports PWM control and can connect one to three times more LEDs by adding one more power amplifier, and unlimited power amplifiers can be connected together theoretically.

The constant voltage power amplifier and constant current power amplifiers can be connected together, which is convenient for controlling LEDs with different voltage and power.

Signal input and output of LED power amplifier have security protection function with photoelectricity isolation of 5KV.

SPI Controller

Our pixel controller almost able to control all IC-driven LED lights. Compact and powerful, various built-in changing effects and customized scene modes can bring you fantastic color!

By RF remote control, you can select from a variety of dynamic lighting effects, set controlled pixels quantity, adjust the changing speed and brightness, change the lighting moving direction, adjust RGB sequence, select the IC type, store and play customized scene etc.

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• (8) Gigabit RJ45 Ports• (1) PoE Passthrough Port• Non-Blocking Throughput: 8 Gbps• Switching Capacity: 16 Gbps• Forwarding Rate: 11.9 Mpps• Maximum Power Consumption: 12W• PoE or DC Input Option• Available in Single-Pack and 5-Pack (Power Supply Not Included with 5-Pack) 


This DMX LED controller is suitable to controll constant voltage LED, rated from 5 to 24 Volts. The controller is capable of 16 or 8 bit dimming and has a handy digital screen where you can easily set and read the DMX start address. 


This DMX Booster with 3 outputs is suitable for using whenever it is need to amplify or split the DMX signal. It is very easy in use.


LT-880-350 with the standard RDM remote device management protocol, supports DMX512 signal bi-directional communication, achieves remote management of reading and writing DMX address (DMX master controller must recognize the RDM protocol). This compact decoder works with DMX512 console. Realize 0-100% brightness and various changing effect. Equiped with...


A powerful single channel PWM Power repeater. Suitable for 5 to 24 Volt LED products.


With this DMX transceiver you can receive or send DMX, it works in the 2.4GHz frequency and there is a possibility to choose between 63 different channels. (operating between 2.401Hz and 2.464hz) Our recommended maximum distance is between the 15/20 meter, +/-30 meters is factory tested in an open environment without blocking signals.


- Support Leading edge (Triac), Trailing edge (ELV) and Push Dimmer. - Built-in SCM, dimming curve and smoothing time can be customized. - T-PWM digital dimming, present a perfect visual experience. - Dimming range: 0~100%, dimming depth: Max. 0.01%. - Flicker-free (IEEE 1789), achieve the level of exemption assessment. - Innovative thermal...


The UX8 LED Dimmer Touch panel gives you the opportunity to easily control your RGBW LED lights. You can choose the colors by moving your finger over the color wheel in the middle. In addition, the UX8 has four zones which can be selected via the buttons 1 to 4 at the top of the panel, you can create scenes and store them with the buttons I to IV, there...


- Dimming interface: DMX512/RDM, Push Dim - T-PWM digital dimming, present a perfect visual experience. - With RDM remote device management protocol. - Dimming range: 0~100%, LED start at 0.01% possible. - With soft-on and fade in function, visual more comfortable. - DIP switch for 16 optional currents' quick selection. - 0-100% flicker-free,High...


- Leading edge (Triac), Trailing edge (ELV) phase-cut and Push DIM/CCT. - With soft-on and fade in function, visual more comfortable. - 2 independently SELV constant voltage output channels. - Constant power design, adjust brightness and color temperature synchronously - Dimming range: 0~100%, LED start at 0.1% possible. - 0-100% flicker-free (IEEE...

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